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A thought from the Plastic Free Movement​

Stay Safe! Act Wise! #ThinkPlasticFree

During these difficult times of global health crisis, we look at reality at its smallest components, and we are forced to learn how strictly interconnected is the whole.

Our wish is to overcome the crisis as fast as possible but also to reflect and put the stepping stones towards a better future.

A better future, based on social and environmental protection at all levels that will help us solve, avoid and be better prepared for the next crisis to come: climate change, plastic crisis, loss of biodiversity, increased poverty and hunger, …

The answer to all of those issues is us!

What we learn​

In front of the emergency we are witnessing, for those who are not on the front line, the best we can do is to take a pause, get informed, reflect and learn.

  • Today we are learning that the only way ahead is to act consciously for the others’ and our sake;
  • We are increasingly taking into account new scientific information and evidences when making our choices;
  • We are discovering that staying at home, not only helps stop spreading the virus, and supports professionals of the health sectors, but it is also an opportunity to value what we really need and experiment new sustainable practices (consume less, produce at home, read product’s labels, avoid plastic);
  • We are observing some structural limitations of our society (economic fragilities, limited social care, lack of forward thinking plans), so we become aware that it is just time to reset some obsolete structures and introduce new social and environmental paradigms;
  • In the end, we become aware that the planet doesn’t need us … rather the opposite, doesn’t it?

In these times of rethinking, we realize that the best response to a global crisis is building stronger and resilient communities acting together, as we should not forget that we are part of a big family, in which we need to take care of one another as we are lucky enough to live in the most beautiful home.

Can we be plastic-free during the Covid-19 Crisis?​

Surely we can keep thriving for it, with our everyday choices: when purchasing, manufacturing, disposing, reusing, and investigating alternatives. 

Remember where the single-use plastic may end up…

The Problem of Plastic Continues and Rises​

Unfortunately due to the current health crisis, the use and wrong disposal of throw away plastic has increased.

We can all experience it, when we leave our homes towards the closest supermarket… we just need to look at the ground!

Is Single-Use Plastic Safer? ​

Single-use plastic packaging can harbor viruses and pathogenic bacteria that have settled in them since manufacturing, shipping, inventory, and end use.

Furthermore it contains chemical additives, over which there is not clear regulation. So we actually don’t know to what extent plastic products may affect the human body (impairing natural defences, procuring sterility,…); while we are fully aware of the destructive impact it has on the planet and our own future.

There is always an optimal way to do things, to preserve the delicate balance between our health and that of the environment that hosts us.

This is why, from the Plastic Free Movement, we compiled a list of proven advice to help to protect yourself, while also taking care of the future and present of this beautiful planet.

What Can I do?

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