Cleaning Beaches

Where we go, we clean!

Some of our members (Amics de la Terra, GEN-GOB Eivissa, Club Es Nautic Sant Antoni, Crem, Ibiza Limpia, Proartso, Ibiza Ecologic, Fundación Consciencia,…) have been cleaning up our islands for years. Since World Cleanup Day 2018, a wave of beach cleanups began and is growing month by month. More and more groups of people, associations or companies go to the beaches, to the forests or the streets to remove plastic and any other waste from our environment.

There are other active initiatives on our islands such as:  Plàstic 0 (GEN-GOB) who are working with schools as well as the campaign Conciencia Plástica,

who are not only cleaning beaches but also collaborate with scientific institutes in order to produce scientific data focusing on microplastics.

Our momentum is added to  other millions of people across the planet and gives us hope that the Change is near! Be part of the change and join in! We are still in time to change the course of Planet Earth.