Awareness campaigns

There is no sustainability without awareness. For this reason, Plastic Free has launched several communication campaigns to encourage companies and citizens to join the change.

Become a Star, Ibiza & Formentera 2023

Aimed at companies to join the challenge of reducing or, even better, eliminating single-use plastics from their establishments, through the Plastic Free Certification initiative.

Plastic Attack

We went on the attack against single-use plastics in front of one of Ibiza’s supermarkets, exchanging single-use bags for reusable bags. When customers came out of the shop, we asked them for all the unnecessary packaging from their purchases. In a few hours we filled more than 5 trolleys with superfluous plastics.

Plastic Free Hero

We can all be heroes or heroines with a small gesture: bulk-buying, collecting plastic from the beach or taking other, environmentally friendly actions.

In this campaign, we give visibility to all our Plastic Free super heroes.

We thank Dewi Driegen, featured here, plus photographer Lorenzo Melissari.

Stay Safe, Act Wise #thinkplasticfree

A practical guide with tips to tackle the health crisis of COVID-19 in an eco-friendly way and to build a better future together, free from single-use plastics.