Alternatives for the home

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what we can replace everyday single-use plastics with.

That is why at Plastic Free, we have prepared the following table of more sustainable alternatives. We have based this on products that we use every day in our homes and that generate a lot of plastic. As you will see, many of them were used by our parents or grandparents, but with the arrival of single-use plastic they were relegated to the background and even disappeared.

We are all immersed in an ever more frenetic pace of life, working all hours, taking care of our families, paying for our cars, our mortgages, sometimes struggling to make ends meet. It’s easy to be taken in by the comfort of single-use products. And we don’t deny that they can make life easier, but it’s important to look beyond this to what really matters: how long this product or container will linger in our environment, how many people may get sick from its toxic contents, or how many animals could die from ingesting it.

Therefore, at Plastic Free we encourage all households to make small changes to their consumption habits, like using refillable water bottles, lunch boxes and canvas bags. Because our oceans, the organisms that live in it and the future generations of our planet will appreciate it.


Find a new way to shop and discover a new way of living without plastic.

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Plastic product to substituteAlternative
Drink stirrersWooden stirrer
Stainless steel stirrer
Cotton budsBamboo stick buds
Food bagsPaper food wrappers
Recycled paper bags
Fabric bags
Reusable silicone bags
Organic cotton bags
Cotton mesh bags
Baby bottlesStainless steel baby bottles
Rubbish bagsBags made of potato starch
BottlesGlass bottles
Stainless steel bottles
Titanium bottles
Coffee capsulesStainless steel capsules
Picnic cutleryWooden cutlery
Bamboo cutlery
Kitchen wrapWrapping made from cotton, vegetable wax and jojoba oil
Beeswax wrapping
Coffee and tea filtersPaper coffee and tea filters
Feminine hygieneMenstrual cup
Reusable cloth sanitary pads
Organic cotton sanitary pads
Dental flossSilk or bamboo floss thread
Table linenPaper table linen
Fabric table linen
RazorsBrass shaving equipment
Plum wood shaving equipment
MenusWooden menus
Cardboard menus
Paper menus
Cloth menus
StrawsPaper straws
Stainless steel straws
Bamboo straws
Rye straws
Titanium straws
ToothpicksWooden toothpicks
Cling filmSilicone stretchable food storage cover
Food wrapping paper
Toilet paper, wrapped in plasticRecycled toilet paper without packaging
Plastic combs and brushesCombs and brushes made from all different types of wood
Coat hangersWooden coat hangers
Metal coat hangers
Clothing pegsStainless steel pegs
Sustainable beech wood pegs
Picnic plates or containersCardboard plates or containers
Plates or containers made from palm leaf
Cardboard plates or containers
Plates or containers made from sugar cane
CoastersPaper coasters
Plastic salt & pepper shakersBamboo salt and pepper shakers
Glass salt and pepper shakers
Sauce potsSugar cane sauce pots
Coffee cup lidsPaper covers
TupperwareStainless steel food containers
Glass food containers
Plastic cupsPaper cups
Stainless steel cups
Bamboo cups