Alternatives for the home

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what we can replace everyday single-use plastics with.

That is why at Plastic Free, we have prepared the following table of more sustainable alternatives. We have based this on products that we use every day in our homes and that use a lot of plastic. As you will see, many of them were used by our parents or grandparents, but with the arrival of single-use plastic they were relegated to the background and even disappeared.

We are all immersed in an ever more frenetic pace of life, working all hours, taking care of our families, paying for our cars, our mortgages, sometimes struggling to make ends meet. It’s easy to be taken in by the comfort of single-use products. And we don’t deny that they can make life easier, but it’s important to look beyond this to what really matters: how long this product or container will linger in our environment, how many people may get sick from its toxic contents, or how many animals could die from ingesting it.

Therefore, at Plastic Free we encourage all households to make small changes to their consumption habits, like using refillable water bottles, lunch boxes and canvas bags. Because our oceans, the organisms that live in it and the future generations of our planet will appreciate it.


Find a new way to shop and discover a new way of living without plastic.

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Producto plástico a sustituirAlternativa
Agitadores bebidasAgitador de madera
Agitador de acero inoxidable
Bastoncillos oídosBastoncillos bambú
Bolsas para conservar alimentosPapel para envolver alimentos
Bolsas de papel reciclado
Bolsas de tela
Bolsas de silicona reutilizables
Bolsas de algodón orgánico
Bolsas de malla de algodón
BiberonesBiberones de acero inoxidable
Bolsas de basuraBolsas de almidón de patata
BotellasBotellas de vidrio
Botellas de acero inoxidable
Botellas de titanio
Cápsulas de caféCápsulas de acero inoxidable
Cubertería para picnicCubertería de madera
Cubertería de bambú
Envoltorios cocinaEnvoltorio algodón, cera vegetal y aceite jojoba
Envoltorio cera de abeja
Filtros de café y téFiltros de café y té de papel
Higiene íntimaCopa menstrual
Compresas tela reutilizables
Compresas algodón orgánico
Hilo dentalFrasco de vídrio
Hilo seda o bambú
ManteleríaMantelería de papel
Mantereía de tela
Maquinillas de afeitarMaquinillas de latón
Maquinillas madera ciruelo
MenúsMenús de madera
Menús de cartón
Menús de papel
Menús de tela
PajitasPajitas de papel
Pajitas de acero inoxidable
Pajitas de bambú
Pajitas de centeno
Pajitas de titanio
Palillos de dientesPalillos de madera
Papel film transparenteTapa extensible de silicona
Papel para envolver alimentos
Papel higiénico envoltura plásticaPapel reciclado sin envoltura
Peines y cepillosPeines y cepillos distintos tipos de madera
Perchas ropaPerchas madera
Perchas metal
Pinzas de tenderPinzas acero inoxidable
Pinzas madera de haya sostenible
Platos o envases para picnicPlatos o envases de fibra de cartón
Platos o envases de palma
Platos o envases de cartón
Platos o envases de caña de azúcar
PosavasosPosavasos de papel
Saleros/PimenterosSaleros/pimenteros de bambú
Saleros/pimenteros de cristal
SalserosSalseros de caña de azúcar
Tapas para vasos de caféTapas de papel
TuppersTuppers de acero inoxidable
Tuppers de cristal
VasosVasos de papel
Vasos de acero inoxidable
Vasos de bambú