Alternatives for companies

In order to facilitate the certification process, Plastic Free is offering:


We have compiled information, some proposals and examples to facilitate the transition of your businesses towards a future free from single-use plastics.

Our islands depend on tourism, beaches, nature and gastronomy. If we let single-use plastics “flood” our lives, we will lose what makes us different and unique.

Our vision is to achieve islands free from single-use plastics, so that we can all enjoy this paradise.

Plastic-free solutions and alternatives to single-use plastics

"The best waste is the one that is not generated"

There are many alternatives to single-use plastic on the market. At Plastic Free Ibiza & Formentera, we suggest you re-use rather than replace a single-use plastic with another single-use product.

We invite you to be creative and find the best way to promote a respectful, circular economy.

Distributors specialised in zero waste products

"Think global, buy local"

Local suppliersIslandType of productType
Interactive map Consell of Ibiza & Gen-GobIbizaPlastic-free and zero waste products, loose & bulk purchase B2C
"Compra con senalló" Consell of Ibiza & Gen-GobIbizaPlastic-free and zero waste products, loose & bulk purchase B2C
EcovissaIbizaAlternatives to single-use plastics for B2BB2B
IbiecoIbizaAlternatives to single-use plastics for B2CB2C
For the PlanetIbiza & FormenteraReusable glasses for eventsB2B
CleanwaveBalearicsWater systemsB2B
CantimploraIbizaWater systemsB2B
ZeroimpackIbiza & FormenteraAlternatives to single-use plastics for B2BB2B
Hospitality sector suppliers
LimforFormenteraSupplies for hotelsB2B
Ca na CoixetaFormenteraEco-responsible materials for the hospitality industryB2B
Exclusivas MiróIbiza & FormenteraKitchenwareB2B
GM CashIbizaFoodB2B
National online stores
Cero ResiduoNationalPlastic-free and zero waste productsB2C
Compatible CapsulesNationalCoffee capsules and filtersB2C B2B
EcoswapNationalPlastic-free and zero waste productsB2C
EsturirafiNationalPlastic-free and zero waste productsB2C
EveruseNationalPlastic-free and zero waste productsB2C
Luffa shopNationalPlastic-free and zero waste productsB2C
UnpackedNationalPlastic-free and zero waste productsB2C
Luffa ShopNationalPlastic-free and zero waste products, water filtersB2C B2B